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Key Features

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SIP5 is a fully featured system specifically designed for Local Authority and Housing Association dwellings.

Key features are detailed below and full details are available to download.
  • 10 Digital audio channels
  • Twist & Click programming for easy system set-up
  • Global BST time clock on ub or entrance panel
  • CAT5 based wiring
  • Only 2 pairs for audio and 4 pairs for video
  • 10 Channel hubs for 8 flats and 2 entry panels
  • Status indicators such as Privacy of speech (Green), Door Monitoring/Lock releasing (Red) indicators
  • Full privacy of speech and residents can only release a door when their flat has been called by a visitor
  • Fully electronic isolation. A problem with a handset in one flat will not effect the operation of the rest of the system e.g damaged cable/handset or handset left off the hook.
  • No limit to the number of controller on High Rise systems
  • Sarel IP55 cases as standard.
  • Individual apartment privacy times, four individual ring volumes and two wires to a flashing Strobe for the ’Hard of Hearing’.
  • Battery back option as standard.