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The SIP5 Hub is supplied in a Sarel IP55 case complete with fused spur and chassis plate. If there is a requirement for special locks or Hasp & Clasps these can be fitted during manufacture. The controller has battery back up and leads as standard and has a 1Amp output per door (2). There is also an auxiliary 12VDC 3Amp output if required. All telephone inputs/outputs have snap off connectors to assist maintenance and LED reassurance/Line Call Indication.

  • Colour Display for programming
  • Plug in CPU programming module for Multi-Hub
  • Twist and Click programming switch with confirmation
  • Indicators
  • Jumper for changeover on PC cable (In Line or Crossed)
  • Healthy Indicator (RED)
  • Reader Input
  • Ethernet Input socket
  • Two pair CAT5e input

  • TEN Two Pair Channel Input/Output connections
  • (Entrance Panels/Telephones/Monitors/Readers)
  • Ten Channel Indicators Tri- colour Led’s for diagnostics
  • Removable (If required) CPU with Display and Programming switch (Twist and Click Technology)
  • Hub address switch with continuous LED display
  • 50VAC Power supply
  • Connections for LOCAL RTE/Lock Output
  • Two Normally Open/Normally Closed programmable Outputs
  • BST Clock Global or Individual to each entrance Panel as standard
  • 50VAC /12VAC Hub Power Supply
  • Fused Spur (5amp Fuse)
  • Local Request To Exit Input
  • Fire Alarm Input
  • Mains Fail 12VDC (Sounder/Indicator)
  • Battery back-Up
  • Two pair CAT5e (RJ45) Hub input/outputs
  • Local Link connector for merging two hubs (2 x 10)
  • Battery Status with Tri-colour Indicator
  • Main s Status with Tri-colour Indicator
  • Main Hub Healthy Indicator
  • Three 12VDC Auxiliary outputs. (Totalling overall 3amps)
  • Ten DIGITAL audio channels as standard (No EXTRA wiring between Hubs)