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Key Features

Posted in Low Rise Audio Systems

Selectline is a fully featured system specifically designed for Local Authority and Housing Association dwellings.

Key features are detailed below and full details are available to download.
  • Status indicators such as Privacy of speech (Green), Door Monitoring/Lock releasing (Red) indicators
  • The Telephone handsets and video Monitors are totally compatible in design so as to standardise all systems for ease of spares and installation
  • Full privacy of speech and residents can only release a door when their flat has been called by a visitor
  • Fully electronic isolation. A problem with a handset in one flat will not affect the operation of the rest of the system e.g damaged cable/handset or handset left off the hook
  • Individual apartment privacy times, four individual ring volumes and two wires to a flashing Strobe for the ’Hard of Hearing’
  • Tradesman facility with GMT/BST automatic switching for the Trades time clock
  • Battery back option as standard.
All the above functions are programmable at the controller via two 8 way dil switches. The strobe requires no additional power supply or extra cabling between apartment and controller.

Full specifications for Selectline Low Rise systems are available to download from the bottom of this page.